Sunday, December 27, 2009

Christmas Projects

I had only one project that I wanted to get done for Chrismas this year, and it was the presents I was doing for my cousins, Taryn and Tristen. They have been lifesavers by being wonderful babysitters, I know that Hannah and Hayden just love playing with them. THANKS a BUNCH GIRLS!
The picture on the right is Salt Lake Temple and the one on the left is Mt. Timpanogos Temple.


We had a wonderful Christmas. Christmas Eve we went over to my parents house and enjoyed a wonderful meal of Prime Rib. Then Christmas morning Hannah and Hayden got to finally open the presents under the tree. Hannah loved it she was a great helper passing out presents and also ripping into hers. She got an early start early this week opening a few. Hayden, however, was only interested in the Santa gift that they recieved this year. Then we went back over to my parents house to enjoy breakfast. My Mom this year made wonderfully delicious Pumpkin Waffles with Carmel Syrup. The kids once again had fun playing together and the adults enjoyed each others company.
Santa brought a Play Center
Haydens New Ride
Hannahs Cozy Coupe
Overall Brothers

Monday, December 21, 2009

It is that special time of year again and here is a run down of whats going on in the Hendershots, over the mountain, house:
*christmas shopping is done
*presents are wrapped and under the tree
*kids and puppy are constantly trying to find new ways to open the presents
*gingersnaps with pumpkin dip, truffles, fudge have been made
*peanutbutter balls, caramels and more gingersnaps with pumpkin dip are on the to do list
*constantly whipping running noses, mainly Haydens
*once again get to look forward to freezing temperatures :-(
*decided not to do a Christmas card this year
*contemplating in doing a New Years card instead
*looking forward to seeing my little sis
*as well as being surrounded by both my brothers and their families
*Christmas is only 4 days away
*and wishing everyone has a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS
*thinking that very is a weird word

Monday, December 7, 2009

My Little Boy is Growing up...
I sure do miss his curls and also his boying baby look, but I have to admit he is going to have a hard time keeping the ladies away.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

New Hair

Today I took the plunge and for the first time ever added color to my hair. Yup, that is right I have never dyed or colored my hair. So for the sake of something different and to get rid of my long layers, I went and cut my hair and added highlights and lowlights.
Surprisingly I really like it. It usually takes a few weeks after I cut my hair that I actually start liking it and that is just going in and getting it trimmed. Im guessing that means this cut is a keeper. Who knows...we shall see.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

My Name is Titan...Hear me Bark

This week we went and looked at Lab puppies and lo and behold one ended up coming home with us. It was cute when we went and looked there were about 5-6 puppies and the owner let them our of their kennel and they all came running out. At one point I hear "Eh Eh" from Hayden and look over and they are all crowded around him with one little black one knipping at his coat. I wished I would have had my camera it was so cute. The puppy we picked peeked his head out of his dog house in the kennel when the owner opened the door and then went back in. We didnt know that there was another one until the owner went and got him. He also told us that he was the bigger of them and that he was the lazier one. So we said wrap him up we will take him. We named him Titan and Hannah likes to tell people that he is her Chocolate Puppy b/c we told her he was a chocolate lab. He has been pretty mellow since we brought him home. He is starting to get more comfortable around us so his little personality is starting to show and he is starting to get more playful. I just cant wait until he is potty trained, it is not one of my favorite things to do. I at least know that I have to be patient and it will happen.
Taking a Nap

Saturday, November 14, 2009


Lately I have gotten a little crafty. I found on another blog a step by step guide on how to make "Cinch" Bags. I made on for Hannah to use for her backpack for Preschool and one for Hayden. I am really amazed at how well they turned out. It was the first time I had used a sewing machine so with the help of my Mom and her sewing machine I was able to do it.

I also decided to make the kids a Quiet Book for sundays during Sacrament. Last Sunday was the first Sunday that they got to use it and it worked marvelous for Hannah. It kept Hayden entertained for a little bit. I am going to be starting on a second one so that in months to come I dont have to worry about them fighting over it. I know that I have a little bit of time to get it done since Hayden is only entertained with one item for about 5 minutes. I used the Finch Family Games book to do it. They say to use file folders for the projects but I figured it would be best to but them in a binder to keep it all together and not all over the place. Below are a couple of the pages. I also laminated pages that they could color on and got the washable crayons so I can just wipe the page off with a wipe and they can use it again.

On Wednesday the kids and I went down to Casper. One of the main reasons was to go to Sams Club and stock up on some items again, but also to go down and see my Grandma Sessions and Mom. Mom has been down in Casper helping Grandma redo her kitchen. While down there I was able to get the kids Christmas done. Alls that I have left for them is to find Hannah a pair of brown shoes that I am going to order on-line. I am thankful to say that I am half way done with the Christmas shopping. Also when we got home that night there was a little trampoline still in the box setting up against the wall. When I saw it I was a bit skeptical and was thinking that it was "an accident waiting to happen." So during lunch yesterday Bryan came home and set it up. I am still skeptical and waiting for one of the kids to get hurt. But they do love it and it is somewhat perfect since it seems like they have springs built into their legs.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009


Luckily after being snowed in at Denver we were able to make it home in time to take the kids trick or treating. This year Hayden was the Fearless Fireman and Hannah was the Pretty Princess. We took the both of them around my parents neighborhood. Hannah enjoyed it and went up to the doors and said Trick or Treat and let them put the candy in her bag. Hayden just dropped his bag and held out his hand for the candy. Then later on myself and Sheena took Hannah and Kaitlyn around a few more blocks. They enjoyed, especially the part where they got candy. Sheena once again made yummy carmel apples, so delicious (Thanks Sheena)!
Fearless Fireman
Before Trick or Treating

Pretty Princess, Hunter, 3 Little Deer, Snow White, & Worn out Fireman

Celebrating 4 Years

Last week Bryan and I went to Denver to celebrate 4 years of marriage. The original plan was to leave Wedneday and come back Friday, but instead we left Tuesday night and got back Saturday afternoon. Southeast Wyoming and Colorado got hit with a storm that came in Tuesday night and lasted until Friday. Denver was supposed to get 12-24 inches of snow. I am not sure how much they recieved but it snowed the whole time we were there. While there we went to the temple and when we drove up there were probably about 10 cars in the parking lot including the temple president and workers. We also went and watched the DENVER NUGGETS play the Utah Jazz and beat them 114-109. (GO NUGGETS!!) It was a grea game.
We got up Friday morning and made our way to the Colorado state line and found out that the interstate to the Wyoming border to Cheyenne then from Cheyenne to Wheatland was closed so we wasted time walking around the outlet stores and then decided to go to Laramie to visit with my sister and brother. Driving to Laramie from Ft. Collins was a good drive until you hit the Wyoming border and then there was an invisible wall were the wind picked up and blew snow all over the road. It was crazy I think they ended up closing that road after we got through. But all in all it was a great trip.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009


This last Thursday I stepped outside with Hayden and the diaper bag and headed to the car to load up to go get Hannah from preschool and as I got to the door it was looked and after doing a franctic search for my keys I realized that I had left them inside my locked house. So needless to say I went into a frantic rush calling Bryan and then my Mom (the two people that have keys) over and over again. I was finally able to get ahold of my Mom who came in and picked up Hannah for me and then Bryan a short time later came and unlocked the door. Luckily it was a nice day and I took the time to acess my yard and decided that this weekend we were going to clean it up. I was able to be productive in my time locked out and got the porch cleaned off and most of the kids toys put away. So this Saturday Bryan and I worked on the yard. With the snowstorm at the begining of October we had branches that still needed to be picked up and also by our porch we had leaves on top of leaves just stacked. So we got our rake and lawnmower and did the front and the back. At the end of the day we were proud to say that our yard looked good. Then with the wonderful Wyoming weather on Monday it was very windy and we now once again have a yard full of leaves. It seems to be a never ending circle and Im not sure if Im game for it.

Friday, October 9, 2009

It was a sad day on Tuesday. I had to load Chevelle up into someone elses truck and let her leave. I didnt watch her drive off b/c I was already crying and didnt want to make it worse. Monday night she bit Hannah on the head. Hannah wasnt hurt she just had a couple of red marks where Chevelles teeth got her. We later found out that her left leg might be hurt and that Hannah probably hit it, which provoked the biting. However Bryan and I had already made the decision that if she ever bit our kids she was gone. We have now made the decision that our next dog will be a puppy so that we can train it and it will be raised around kids jumping, climbing, poking, sitting on it constantily. So our search begins...

Monday, October 5, 2009


Hannah loves to play instruments and she seems to have a tendency to stray toward the brass ones. It could be b/c we have a trumpet and trombone, but either way she loves to play them both when Bryam gets them out. I also find her at the piano playing it. She has to have her a music book open and she will flip through it and play the songs. I hope she keeps her love of music, especially when the time comes to put her in piano lessons.

Winter is Here

We had our first snow of the season on thursday. It wasnt much and if you didnt look right away in the morning you would have missed it b/c it was gone by the afternoon. There was just enough to cover the top of the van. Then this morning we woke up to this:
Needless to say whether I am ready for winter or not it is here. Not only did it snow but it was a wet and heavy snow and broke a few branches in our yards. I was woken up last night to a loud noise and then Hannah running into our room crying my name. Once I woke up a bit I realized that the power had gone out. After a bit we realized that a bunch of branches from the tree in our backyard broke and took out our service line that provided us with power. So after a few hours of no power the city worker was able to get it fixed.

The branches that took out our power

Our front yard
The irony of the whole situation is that Bryan and I were getting bids to see if it would be better to have someone else come and trim our trees or if Bryan and a friend could do it together. One of his worries was that it would snow and a branch would land on our house.

Last Month

I am going to try to combine what could be three posts into one. This is our recap of last month.

First: Hannah started Preschool at the begining of September and has been loving it. Since she has started she has became a little more independent. Also the best news is that she is potty trained. We have gone two weeks accident free. YEAH!!!
First Day of Preschool
Second: The kids and I went camping over Labor Day weekend up to Battlepark, where the men go elk hunting. We had a good time. Hannah decided that she did like the four-wheeler after all, as long as it was Jordans. He has some cubbies for various items on the back and it makes a built in seat that she would sit in. The bad part was while we were up there Hayden didnt feel well. On the way up the mountain he was very mellow, which for those of you who know Hayden knows he isnt a mellow kid, then all Satuday he was like that. So we kept him pumped full of tylenol and later found that he had 2 teeth coming through.

Third: A few weekends ago the kids and I went down to Laramie to celebrate my sisters birthday. We had a lot of fun. Carissa, Mom, Hannah, and I went to the Farmers Market on Friday and then on Satuday we looked at some of the downtown stores.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Another Day

Today was one of those days. It seemed like everytime I turned around Hayden got hurt. First off I was sorting through laundry since today is laundry day and I hear the kids laughing and I begin to wonder what they are doing and then Hayden starts crying. So I come out and lo and behold Hannah has taken the couch cushins off of the couch and is jumping on it. This wasnt the first time this had happened so I figured that Hayden must have been jumping also b/c anytime big sister is having fun he has to get in on the action. So he ended up hitting his nose on something. Then after that it was a serious of bumping head on objects and falling down. Then tonight as I was herding the kids in from playing outside to take a bath Hannah starts to close the door as Hayden is trying to escape and ends up getting his arm in the door. Luckily it was just a little scrapped. So I am hoping that tomorrow it is better for him. Especially since we will be heading to the mountains. Today was a lazy day for us and we all (except for Bryan he was out working) hung around the house in our pjs and for my sisters sake I made sure that Hannahs hair wasnt messy.

I also had to throw in this picture of Hayden. I think I took it right before his nap.

Monday, August 31, 2009

Fun Friday

On Friday I got to watch a couple little girls of a friends, Lexi and Rylee. It was nice for Hannah and myself to have friends come over and play with. They had a lot of fun from....

Eating Mac & Cheese
(Lexi & Hannah)
Playing on the Bed
(Rylee & Hannah)

Pushing each other in the Stroller
and at the end of the day my little munchkins were wore out!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009


These pictures are in no particular order. I am sad to say that summer is almost over. I am not looking forward to the cold. But maybe now things can slow down a bit. First off the Gillette Stake this last May had the opprotunity to create a 4th ward and we have had the privelage of being put into its boudaries and being apart of it. Bryan was given the calling of 2nd counselor in the Elders Quorum and I got the calling of Enrichment Leader. So far it has been interesting I have had to come out of my shell a bit and do things that I dont like to do. We are in the process of putting together a Super Saturday for October and I am looking forward to when it is all done with. The process in itself has been a learning experience. I get to to teach how to make the Family Home Evening Board you see on the right.

Hayden has already started the terrible twos. He likes to hit anything and everything within reach if he can. Most of the time this happens to be his sister. Sometimes I think he does it to get a reaction and other times it is if he doesnt get his way. And following the hitting once he gets in trouble his temper come in to play where he walks around crying mouth wide open or will bang his head on the nearest object (once it was my leg). We found this quite comical when he was a bit younger, but know it is more often. So hopefully the many timeouts and trying to show him how to be nice will pay off soon. I did have to add this picture b/c he looks to innocent.
Hannah also celebrated her 3rd Birthday. For her cake she wanted a castle and anytime you asked her old she was that day she said 2. Now it has set in and she is 3. I watch her everyday and it seems as if she learns something new and just amazes me with it. She is also going to be starting Preschool in a few weeks. I debated on whether or not to sign her up b/c she still seems so young to me, but the opprotunity arouse and I figured I would take it. I know that she will love it and it will also give Hayden and me some quality time together.

Last but not least my youngest brother, Tyler got married a few weekends ago. CONGRATS TYLER AND CAMI!!! It was a beautiful ceremony and we are glad to have Cami in our family. I already see her fitting right in. Hannah got the opprotunity to be the flower girl. However it did not got as I saw it in my mind of her walking down the aisle all by herself. No instead she cried as we were waiting in the hallway and would not go to anyone but my sister. So we finally worked out the plan that she would down with Aunt Fanny (my sister). She did however love her dress and was so excited to have a princess dress like Cami.

We also took the opprotunity to have a 4 generation picture taken of my Grandma Sessions, Mom, Me, and Hannah. How neat is that.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009


Congrats to Jordan, Sheena and Katie Bug on their ADORABLE new addition Keith Christopher (sorry if its not spelled right).

Monday, July 27, 2009

Vegas Baby!!!

Sometime in June my Mom, myself, and my Sister, Carissa, went to Las Vegas for fun. I LOVED it and cant wait to go back. I know I might be a bit crazy but the Strip was awesome and I cant wait to go back. I think we had a great time, but I know I did. I enjoyed getting to spend time with my Mom and Sister. We were able to go to a few shops on the strips and then we also went to some Premium Outlets just off of the Strip. We went and seen a few shows. The first was Le Reve. It was a water show about a love story and the people did all these jumps and dives. The second was The Phantom of the Opera. It was really neat. We also went and see the Human Body and Titanic Exhibits. I really enjoyed the Human Body Exhibit it just fascinates me. I also did a bit of gambling and of course didnt win, but I couldnt leave Vegas without playing the slots a little. What I loved the most was going into each of the hotels/casinos and seeing all the different themes.
What happens in Vegas...we had to get a picture of the sign
for the ladies in my Dads office.
Beautiful Sister

Speaks for itself

My New Friend