Tuesday, March 16, 2010


Hannah has been begging me to let them play the games that they got for Christmas. After Christmas I had put everything away and forgot about the games so when Hannah found them again we had to get them out.
The kids loved Break the Ice. Mainly they loved being able to hit the blocks and watch them fall down over and over. They didnt care that the object of the game was to keep the polar bear from falling.

Next they love to play Ring-a-Round-the-Rosy. They do it in nursery and after the kids fall down they sing a little chant that goes: Cows are in the barnyard eating buttercups, ice cream ice cream we all stand up.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

and that makes three

The last few months have filled with old adventures of running to the porcelian hole in the bathroom at least once at night and on the lucky few days two or three times. I have gotten some nausea medicine and it seems to work well during the day but nighttime still seems to knock me on my butt. Also, it seems that the kids naptime and bedtime have become mine also. By the end of the day I am ready to crash and just let the sleep wash over me even if it is only a few hours before I am woken up again by being too uncomfortable or another wave of nausea hits me. I was thinking even though I have gone through this twice before that the sleep deprivation came later on in the nine months, but I guess I was wrong and it starts during the about the second month. For those of you who may not have guessed...I AM PREGNANT. We are very excited to welcome #3 into our lives in September. I am due on the 17th, but will go in around the 10th or so to get cut. We were able to have our first ultrasound at the begininng of March. It was of course amazing to hear the little heartbeat and to have some proof that there is a baby in there. The heart beat came in around 160 bpm and Bryan already thinks that it is a girl b/c of the old wives tale of girl having a faster heartbeat and boys having a slower one. Both Hannah and Hayden were true to that.