Monday, September 26, 2011


I have grown to love our little home and its quirks. When our basement first flooded a year ago and damaged the one room downstairs I had a little pitty party with myself for a few days and then "bucked up" and stopped dwelling on it. So when the basement flooded again this year and damaged all of it. I was able put behind me and instead of thinking about the bad I thought of how eventually we will be able to finish the basement for a second time with some new ideas.
The past few weeks Bryan and my Dad have been working on digging a trench around the house to hopefully (fingers crossed) fix the flooding problem in the basement. Hayden has been in heaven with all the tools and machinery that has been around.

The kids enjoyed playing on the big dirt pile. I caught Hannah a few times dancing, playing air guitar, piano, and drums on it.

Friday, September 23, 2011

Six for a Day

In Hannah's class they celebrate the August birthdays in September so that the summer birthdays dont feel left out. This last Tuesday was Hannah's "Birthday" in her class so I made cupcakes and took them to her class. When she got home she told me that she was no longer five but was now six. After arguing with her for a bit I told her that she could be six that day, but the next day she went back to being five. She was ok with that compromise.

Heidi's 1

Heidi's first birthday was pretty low key. We got together as family and celebrated with barbequeing and enjoying cake and ice cream. Heidi was grumpy most of the time. She was working on getting both top teeth, which a few days later they popped through... finally.

Heidi's new walker "Dino"
Her Lion Cake.
I decided to use a new frosting instead of the classic buttercream and was a bit worried. It was very different to work with and it was my first time using it, but I have to say it turned out pretty yummy!
She was a bit unsure of the cake and ice cream sitting on her tray. She kind of just picked at it a bit and then finally tasted it...
and loved it!!!

I am so blessed to have Heidi in our family. I love:
*that in the mornings she always has a smile
*her laugh
*how she will stand in the middle of a room holding onto one of the fringes on her blanket and laugh at how proud she is of herself
*that she picks up toys and puts them back in their places (she kept trying to help put french fries in the to go box yesterday at Las Margaritas)
*that she gets a huge smile on her face and trys to crawl out of my arms when Dad comes home