Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Snow Fun

Today we were able to have a little fun in the snow. Hannah got to build her first snowman and make her first snow angel. Hayden also got his first real taste of snow.

Stuck at Home

Today was the first day that many Gillette residents decided to venture out. A blizzard hit town around Monday morning and snowed all day. We got 15-20 inches of snow. Then Tuesday was spent phowing and digging yourself out of your homes. Our snow drifts reached to about the middle of our fence in the backyard, but my Mom said at their house the drifts went all the way up there fence and into the neighbors yard. It was very interesting driving around town. Snow was everywhere and most of the streets were just barely wide enough to get two cars through. Not to mention that it was warm enough to start melting it and so there is water everywhere. And our wonderful driveway is once again a big mud hole. And to top it all off tomorrow we are expected to get another 1-2 inches.

After the Storm

What we woke up to
(That is Hannah standing by the window)

Thursday, March 5, 2009


Being Naked and Snooping
(Hayden's Favority things)
Walking around in Fanny's heels
(Hannahs favorite type of shoe)

Q and Hayden

Hannah & Fanny
I know that it has been ahwile since I have posted. I have not wanted to it seems sometimes that too much time is spent at the computer when there are other things that could be done. This last weekend the kids and I went up to Laramie to visit with Carissa (Fanny) and Quintin (Q) . We had a very good time. And were so greatful that they let us take over their apartment for a few days.

Saturday was nice so we took the kids to the park. Hannah had a blast there was even another litte girl there about her age and they kinda played together. She wanted to try out all the equipment. Hayden wasn't to sure about it at first. He did not like the dead grass, but who can blame him. It also took him awhile to even touch the sand, but once he did he had no problem with it.