Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Easter Outfits

Just as I promised Carissa here are the Easter outfits that they recieved from Papa and Grama Jackson (thanx). I know I am biased but I do have the cutest kids.

Pretty Princess

Ladies Man

We joked that if there were any girls in our ward around his age they would be all over him.


After the Easter Egg hunt on Saturday, while Hannah was sleeping Hayden was able to have some Mommy time. He spent most the time laughing. And I was able to capture some fun moments.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter Fun

We dyed Easter eggs Saturday night. It is neat to see that Hannah is starting to get into the holidays. She was excited for the Easter Bunny to come and hide the eggs and for some reason she thought that he was down stairs and would yell at him to come up.

Then on Sunday we came home from church to find that the Easter Bunny had come and hid the eggs. Hayden wasnt that interested in finding the eggs but he did enjoy his basket.

I am thankful for Easter and once again having a chance to remember our Savior and the Resurrection. I was thinking about the song "I Know that My Redeemer Lives," the two words that are said over and over in the song that really hit me were "He lives." It reminded me of my testimony and the truthfullness of those simple words. I am thankful to say that I know He lives and one day I will have that same opportunity.

Cookies and Eggs

Hannah loves to help me in the kitchen so on Saturday Hannah helped me make sugar cookies. She loved to roll out the dough.

We finished baking the cookies just in time to go to the Easter Egg Hunt put on by the Rec Center at te soccor fields. They split the kids up by age groups onto seperate fields and had plastic eggs and candy thrown all over. Hannah had a lot of fun. I forgot my camera but I did get an after picture.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Little Things

It still amazes me how much that Hannah picks up from all the everyday little things of life. In nursery a couple of weeks ago they learned about the temple. And when she came home and seen the picture of the the Billings Mt temple that we have hanging she knew what it was and since then she has asked that we sing to her the primary song "I Love to See the Temple." It makes me thankful for the many teachers in the church that give up there time to help teach my children.
At night we would tickle her back to help relax her, but lately she has wanted us to tickle her elbow. I was laying down with her last night and I watched her pull down her sleeve and start tickleing her own elbow.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Snow, Snow, Go Away

Once again this last week we welcomed more snow. Luckly it was not as bad as the first storm and the town didnt have to be shut down. I also checked the weather report for this week and so far it says that we are supposed to have 40-50 degree weather. Of course living in Wyoming I know that it can change. So I am crossing my fingers that the snow is over. At least for awhile.
Things here have been slow and calm, which is great, no complaints here. Some of the things that have went on are:
*Hayden is off of the bottle and using just sippy cups, he is almost done with formula also, we just have one can left. Wahoo!!!
*With the cold Hannah's asthma got worse. So at night she pretty much coughed the whole time. Now that its gotten a little warmer she is getting better. That is the hardest thing to listen to at night and what makes it worse is that there was nothing I could do.
* Bryan has started cutting down trees and preparing "The Mud Hole" so that we can pour concrete this summer.
* I have so far shed15 pounds with the help of our wonderful Christmas gift, The Treadmill. I only now have 10 more.
*I finally got a gate to block off the top of the stairs.
*Potty training has been put on hold. I got tired of having to wrestle with Hannah to go sit on the potty. So I am going to wait a little while and hopefully when we try again she will be more excited about it. If anyone has any tips or anything that worked for them let me know. I can take all the advice I can.
So that is our life at the moment. Here are a few pictures of the kiddos. Hayden really loves the slide he will sit at the top of it and rock until he gets enough movement to get him to slide. It is so cute.