Saturday, May 23, 2009

Busy Bees

With the weather getting nicer we have been trying to spend most of the time outside. I spent a day this week cleaning up our backyard finally. I have also been getting stuff together to plant a garden this weekend. I am excited I have never done this, but I look forward to seeing what happens with it and to see if it is something that I will make a habit of doing each summer. My memories of my Mom's garden growing up was going out and helping pick weeds occasionally and also seeing, at the end the product that came from all Mom's hard work. Hayden has gotten a bit braver and has started to walk short distances. He gets all excited and tries to run, but ends up on his hands and knees. Hannah is potty training I just decided that I had to buck up and put her in panties, and deal with the mess as it happens. It has gone well I am still waiting for that day when she will go poop in the potty I can already see how glorious that day will be. She will occasionally tell me when she has to go potty and every know and then I catch her doing the potty dance, so she is getting there. Bryan has started to work on our driveway, getting it ready to pour concrete. He is outside at this moment digging up stumps and doing dirt work. I am actually down here waiting for the house to come crashing down on me with all the noise that he is making.

This video is Hannah singing her "Chocolate Song." I learned the song from my little cousin Tristen. When she was younger probably about 3 or 4 she would sing this song and everyone got a kick out of it b/c it was so cute. So I couldnt resist teaching Hannah.

Go Fly a Kite

This week we took the kids to the park across the street from us and introduced them to the joy of flying a kite, or airplane as Hannah refered to it as.

Hannah spotted the park while kite flying so while Bryan was trying to get the kite out of the tree we went over and played in the park.

Hayden's First Birthday

At the begining of this month we celebrated Hayden turning one. That night he decided that we would start celebrating early and woke up at midnight to start the party and didn't go back to sleep till about 4 in the morning. During those hours I was able to reflect back, when I wasn't doosing off, on the day he was born, or you could say pulled out of my stomach. One of the things I remember is when they showed him to me for the first time he looked just like Hannah and he was so little. I am grateful to be his mother. I just love waking up to his smiley face everyday and hearing his laughter. He really does brighten up a room.

Birthday Boy