Monday, November 8, 2010


I have such wonderful memories of my grandparents. I will always remember going to Grandpa and Grandma Jacksons house for Thanksgiving and having the football game on and for Christmas the movie A Christmas Story playing in the background. My Grandpa Jackson would always get me hyper before we let to go home and that was usually by tickling me until it seemed like I couldnt laugh anymore. I would go and help Grandma Jackson wrap Christmas presents and while there would get a story or two about my Dad growing up. I also remember watching the movie While You Were Sleeping and Sleepless in Seattle with her. I remember going on walks with Grandma Sessions. When she lived in Moorcroft we would go looking for arrowheads and after she moved to Casper we would walk around the block with her dog Festus. Summer break I also got opprotunities to stay with Grandpa and Grandma Sessions. We didnt do anything really special it was just to be able to spend time with them. I learned to love shopping with my Grandma Sessions. Grandpa Sessions has always been a hard worker getting up in early in the morning and returning in time for dinner. He always went to bed after dinner and I could always hear the tv in his room and it was always a western. I also had the privelage of knowing my Great Grandparents. I remember going to Lovell to visit Great Grandpa and Grandma Negro. We always called Grandma Negro G.G. and it was Grandpa Chuck. I remember Grandpa Chuck wearing his Yankee hat. I swear he slept with it on. We would go down to Utah every summer and while there we stayed with either my Great Grandpa Tyler or Great Grandpa and Grandma Jackson. Everytime we arrived at Grandpa and Grandma Jackson it seemed like G.Grandpa Jackson was sitting at the table playing cards. G.Grandma Jackson was always smiling and it always seemed like she was doing something in the kitchen. Also at their house was a tree swing that we would take turns riding on. I remember always taking Great Grandpa Tyler out to eat. Or we would go visit him at his house. He really was an amazing man. Him and my Great Grandma Tyler served a mission together in Hawaii. He also taught himself how to speak spanish. We would aslo call my Great Grandpa and Grandma Sessions Grandpa and Grandma Ha-Ha because they had these dolls they got from Hawaii. A couple of years ago I went into the house that they used to live in and didnt even realize it until I walked in. It brought back a few memories.  
I am so glad that my children are having the same opprotunity to know so many of their grandparents and hopefully they will be able to create memories of their own.


Setting the scene: we walk up to a house that has a gated entrance before you get to the door. In the entrance it is decorated for Halloween, fake spider webs with fake spiders and such, There is a statue of a porcelian doll which to me kind of looked chinese. Hannah, Hayden, and Kaitlyn are up by the door treat buckets in hand getting ready to ring the bell and say the magic...give me candy (j/k)...trick or treat and I watched as the porcelian doll turned her head and Hannah flipped out. Ran to Grama crying. The funny part was just minutes before we were reminising about the house. How when we were younger the couple would have a coffin in there and the husband would be in the coffin scaring kids and the wife would be a statue of some sort standing by the door. Since then the husband has passed on but the wife continues to hold up the tradition.

Halloween this year was fun. Hannah loved wearing her costume and couldnt wait to be able to go Trick or Treating. We got to carve pumpkins at Papa and Grama's on the Sunday before. I couldnt get Hannah or Hayden to clean out their pumpkins, and Hayden only wanted to use the knife to cut. He threw a fit when I wouldnt let him. Then on Saturday we went to the church and got to enjoy some fun carnival games and also Trunk or Treat. They got to decorate "Eyeballs," shoot marshmellows out of a marshmellow gun, and they even got to practice their roping on a pretend cow. Then on Sunday we went out to Grama and Papa's house and they got to go Trick or Treating with Kaitlyn and Keith. Heidi even got to enjoy in the fun by being strapped to Grama in the baby carrier. It was fun to watch them and also to listen to them. The first house we went to the girls got their candy and then you hear Hayden saying "my turn," and of course Hannah getting scared will always be a priceless memory. Then we also got to enjoy Sheena's yummy carmel apples. Which I have to say is one of the top things I look forward to with Halloween.