Saturday, January 29, 2011

Q.T. Pie

Its a good thing that she is little...
otherwise this wouldnt be so cute.


PROCEED WITH CAUTION...thats what we had to tell people when they ventured over to our house. Our driveway was a sheet of snow with a bottom layer of ice and then our steps up to the door were iced over. It really has been awhile since Ive seen the driveway and wondered if maybe it had changed. And sure enough after all the hard work of shoveling ice chunks out of the way the driveway looked the same. But I guess it wasnt a waste of time since Hannah was able to get use out of it being cleared.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Our Christmas

I just love Christmas now that my children are starting to understand Christmas better. It also helps that at least two of them can now open their presents on their own and are more than willing to help everyone else with theirs.

Love Hannah's expression
Haydens Choo-Choo

 Heidi enjoying her play mat
G.G. and Heidi

 A once and a lifetime event...Hayden playing with Keith
(Hayden is really not a big share-er right now so usually he is telling Keith no or is whining for someone to come get him)

My two Grandmas

Christmas Eve we went over to Grama and Papa's and enjoyed delicious food. For the last couple of years we have let got of the traditional turkey and ham meal and adopted a very delicious Prime Rib meal. Which I think is way better. Then Christmas day we had our own little Christmas at home and got to watch the kids delighted faces tearing off the wrapping paper and then went over to Grama and Papa's again for a Christmas Breakfast.