Thursday, November 19, 2009

My Name is Titan...Hear me Bark

This week we went and looked at Lab puppies and lo and behold one ended up coming home with us. It was cute when we went and looked there were about 5-6 puppies and the owner let them our of their kennel and they all came running out. At one point I hear "Eh Eh" from Hayden and look over and they are all crowded around him with one little black one knipping at his coat. I wished I would have had my camera it was so cute. The puppy we picked peeked his head out of his dog house in the kennel when the owner opened the door and then went back in. We didnt know that there was another one until the owner went and got him. He also told us that he was the bigger of them and that he was the lazier one. So we said wrap him up we will take him. We named him Titan and Hannah likes to tell people that he is her Chocolate Puppy b/c we told her he was a chocolate lab. He has been pretty mellow since we brought him home. He is starting to get more comfortable around us so his little personality is starting to show and he is starting to get more playful. I just cant wait until he is potty trained, it is not one of my favorite things to do. I at least know that I have to be patient and it will happen.
Taking a Nap

Saturday, November 14, 2009


Lately I have gotten a little crafty. I found on another blog a step by step guide on how to make "Cinch" Bags. I made on for Hannah to use for her backpack for Preschool and one for Hayden. I am really amazed at how well they turned out. It was the first time I had used a sewing machine so with the help of my Mom and her sewing machine I was able to do it.

I also decided to make the kids a Quiet Book for sundays during Sacrament. Last Sunday was the first Sunday that they got to use it and it worked marvelous for Hannah. It kept Hayden entertained for a little bit. I am going to be starting on a second one so that in months to come I dont have to worry about them fighting over it. I know that I have a little bit of time to get it done since Hayden is only entertained with one item for about 5 minutes. I used the Finch Family Games book to do it. They say to use file folders for the projects but I figured it would be best to but them in a binder to keep it all together and not all over the place. Below are a couple of the pages. I also laminated pages that they could color on and got the washable crayons so I can just wipe the page off with a wipe and they can use it again.

On Wednesday the kids and I went down to Casper. One of the main reasons was to go to Sams Club and stock up on some items again, but also to go down and see my Grandma Sessions and Mom. Mom has been down in Casper helping Grandma redo her kitchen. While down there I was able to get the kids Christmas done. Alls that I have left for them is to find Hannah a pair of brown shoes that I am going to order on-line. I am thankful to say that I am half way done with the Christmas shopping. Also when we got home that night there was a little trampoline still in the box setting up against the wall. When I saw it I was a bit skeptical and was thinking that it was "an accident waiting to happen." So during lunch yesterday Bryan came home and set it up. I am still skeptical and waiting for one of the kids to get hurt. But they do love it and it is somewhat perfect since it seems like they have springs built into their legs.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009


Luckily after being snowed in at Denver we were able to make it home in time to take the kids trick or treating. This year Hayden was the Fearless Fireman and Hannah was the Pretty Princess. We took the both of them around my parents neighborhood. Hannah enjoyed it and went up to the doors and said Trick or Treat and let them put the candy in her bag. Hayden just dropped his bag and held out his hand for the candy. Then later on myself and Sheena took Hannah and Kaitlyn around a few more blocks. They enjoyed, especially the part where they got candy. Sheena once again made yummy carmel apples, so delicious (Thanks Sheena)!
Fearless Fireman
Before Trick or Treating

Pretty Princess, Hunter, 3 Little Deer, Snow White, & Worn out Fireman

Celebrating 4 Years

Last week Bryan and I went to Denver to celebrate 4 years of marriage. The original plan was to leave Wedneday and come back Friday, but instead we left Tuesday night and got back Saturday afternoon. Southeast Wyoming and Colorado got hit with a storm that came in Tuesday night and lasted until Friday. Denver was supposed to get 12-24 inches of snow. I am not sure how much they recieved but it snowed the whole time we were there. While there we went to the temple and when we drove up there were probably about 10 cars in the parking lot including the temple president and workers. We also went and watched the DENVER NUGGETS play the Utah Jazz and beat them 114-109. (GO NUGGETS!!) It was a grea game.
We got up Friday morning and made our way to the Colorado state line and found out that the interstate to the Wyoming border to Cheyenne then from Cheyenne to Wheatland was closed so we wasted time walking around the outlet stores and then decided to go to Laramie to visit with my sister and brother. Driving to Laramie from Ft. Collins was a good drive until you hit the Wyoming border and then there was an invisible wall were the wind picked up and blew snow all over the road. It was crazy I think they ended up closing that road after we got through. But all in all it was a great trip.