Friday, April 29, 2011

Easter 2011

This Easter was fun for all with several easter egg hunts, dying eggs, family, food (of course), and also new church clothes.

I have the CUTEST kids EVER!

Friday, April 15, 2011

what not

I have read alot of blogs that start off with "it was been awhile" and in my case it could seem like it has been awhile since I let the curious readers know what we have been up to but in my reality it really seems "like it was just yesterday." That seems to be the general feeling about everything. I think that life just keeps moving at a steady pace that when it comes time to redue a task that "it seems like just yesterday" I completed. But there are no complaints here. I would rather be busy than having to sit and pass the time away slowly.
I am planner. I have my weeks planned out at the start of the week with an idea of what will be going on that week. I take each day and break it down by if there are any events that desire our presence and then plan the various weekly chores around those events. So that everything that needs to be accomplished gets done. It helps the week go smoother for me and I dont get stressed out when it comes down to the last minute. I had a very similar plan with Hannah and kindergarten. A couple of weeks ago that plan changed. Hannah makes the cut off date to enroll for kindergarten this school year by about a month. So we had decided to wait another year and then enroll her and hope that she got into the pre-k program this coming school year. There was a very high chance that she would get in b/c I hadnt heard of anyone not getting in in the recent years, but as it turns out she is to old for the program since she can go to school this coming school year. So to make a long story even longer :) we are enrolling her in kindergarten. The preschool she has been attending is amazing she loves her teacher and so do I, but she really needs more structure and more time than just 2 hours to advance. So once the decision was made there was a peaceful feeling and I knew that she would excel both socially and academically. I did get a good laugh when people made the suggestion of me teaching her at home. I believe that there are people who are ment to be teachers and I am not one of them. I did once toy with the idea of going into education but I wised up and realized that it would be better for my sanity and the kids well-being that I not pursue it.

In other news I have finally started, again, and this time have made it past the second day with potty training Hayden. We started at the begining of the week I put him in undies and deal with whatever happens and then at night he gets a pull-up. He was been doing really well and I look forward to the day when I can say its been a long, messy, business but it is finally over and he is potty trained.