Saturday, January 24, 2009

January 23rd - Crawling

It is interesting to see how differently babies crawl from others. Each is unique in there own way.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

The other day Hannah comes upstairs, goes into the bathroom and then shuts the door. So I gave her a minute and then went in to see what she was up to and I find her leaning over with her head in the toilet coughing. Since then she has done that a couple of times. And I figured that she saw me throw up one to many times while I was pregnant with Hayden. It is funny what she remembers. I swear she has a mind like a steel trap.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009


I was cleaning one day and when I found Hannah this is what I found

Handsome Boy

Dancing Barbie

No its MY turn

Monday, January 19, 2009


I know that is has been awhile since I have posted so to give you an update here is what has been happening. just kidding.
* I finally started to potty train Hannah. I had been saying that I was going to start over the past few months, but it just seemed that things would come up and I would postpone, but finally I set a date to do it at the begining of January and stuck to it. We have been doing it now for about 2 weeks. The first week did not go as well as I hoped. My patience at the time was very little so I would get discouraged and we would start all over the next day. So we have kept at it and she is somewhat finally getting it. Today we had only one incident were she went in her pullup. That is milestone in its self. I am enjoying not have to deal with two sets of diapers though.
* This last weekend Bryan and I went up to Billings. He volunteered to pick up a company truck and bring it back so we saw it as a good opprotunity to go to the temple. The kids stayed with PaPa and Gama Jackson for friday night and pretty much all of Saturday so that we could get up early and leave by 6 to make the 10:30 temple session so that we could go through with Geralding and Shawnee. Then afterward we went and ate at Old Chicago. It was very good and I ate more than I should have. We of course did a little bit of shopping. And Bryan let me get a new church outfit so that I could feel pretty (he is the best).
*Bryan had found a new hobby making signs for other people. It has brought out his creative side and it is really neat to see the different signs and how he decides how to make them unique. He has also got a new calling in church he is assitant advisor for the young men which pretty much means they want him to help with the Duty to God.
*I have not been up to a whole lot. Last week I finally started working out on our new treadmill and love it. I love the burn and its one of my natural highs. I also read the Twilight series. I caved into the craze of it and have to say that I really enjoyed the books. I also have a new calling in church. I have been called to be a teacher in the Primary to the CTR 8. I am really excited about it.
*Hannah is crazy as ever and seems to just be go go going. She has started playing with Barbies and loves to have me switch the dresses that they are wearing over and over again. She also loves to wear dresses herself. She comes to me in the morning saying she wants to wear a pretty dress. Just for a little change I make her wear pants every now and then especially on the cold days. She also loves to play in her playroom. For Christmas she got a slide and also a kitchen. So she will be down there playing at her kitchen usually making soup.
*Hayden is still very happy. There are sometimes if you smile at him he will start fake laughing, well that is what it sounds like at least. He is really working on trying to crawl. But he does get around really well without. He scoots backward and rolls and then will turn himself around. He is getting really good at. I imagine any day now he is going to be crawling and getting into Hannah's toys. He has also got hit two bottom teeth.
So all in all we are doing great and cant complain. Hope that things are going well for everyone else. Have a great Tuesday!

Bryans Birthday

The Birthday Boy

Birthday Pie (Banana Cream)
On Jan. 11 we celebrated Bryans birthday. Of course like any of our specail occasions Bryan was on call and right before we left for church that morning at 9:30 he got a call saying that a water line broke. So needless to say the kids and I did not see him until around 7:30. For his birthday I had invited my family over for his birthday dinner. He had chosed to have Baked Potato Soup and Banana Cream Pie. I do have to say that he made some good choices. Luckily he was able to make it home to be able to be sang to and enjoy some pie before he was called out again. I just hope that this next year we will be able to celebrate some special occasions without having to worry about him being called out.