Monday, August 23, 2010


As per my last post Hannah is now 4 and I wanted to take some time to write down a few things about her.
*Lately she has been more motherly. She is always checking up on Hayden and if he gets hurt she has to see the owie and kiss it better for him. She also tries to help him if he gets frustrated with something. She has also taken up playing with her dolls more. The baby has also been given the nickname Boo so she is always asking what Boo is doing and when she is going to come. She is excited to see her and keeps telling me she is going to help.
*She is also definitely a girl. She loves to put on her play dresses and get all glammed up with shoes, rings and crowns. Hayden also ends up being her Prince so she pretends she is in trouble so he will come save her.
*She is very curious always asking questions about things and learning more. If she recognizes any letters she points them out says its name. H is still her favorite though. It still amazes me the information that she retains. Last week was the first time she was able to tell me what she learned in Primary. I was so excited for her. She got to be the reverence child a few weeks ago for church and got to stand up by the pulpit folding her arms as the people came in. She did a wonderful job she just stood up their smiling and was so cute.
*She loves books and will sometimes be seen carring around 4-5 of them. She will just sit and also look at them and recently has started to "read" them herself by making up her own story. She also makes sure that we dont forget her bedtime story.

Our Four Year Old

Hannah turned 4 last Wednesday. She had been waiting for this day for a long time. Ever since about May she would ask if it was her Birthday yet. So when her day arrived she was so excited. That night we let her open our presents and Grama and Papa came over and brought theirs for her to open. That day she helped me make cupcakes and so that night we sang Happy Birthday and let her blow out the candles. She got a new 12inch bike which she kept riding around the house. She had been telling me early that her little red trike were too small for her and she had to go slow b/c it wasnt big enough and she needed a bigger bike. It was very cute. She also got a cd player and a couple of new cd's for it. One of hte cd's was a Phineas and Ferb (show on Disney) soundtrack as soon as we put it in she started singing and dancing.
Then on Saturday we had a party at one of the local parks and invited family and some close friends. She wanted to have a carriage cake, a few months ago I found the pan and she decided thats what she wanted. So I baked the cake and my Mom decorated it (THANKS MOM). Hannah had a lot of fun running around the park and enjoying ice cream, she didnt want any cake.

Thanks to everyone who helped us celebrate!

Friday, August 6, 2010

Fun in the Sun

spending time floating around
girls stopped to have a tea party
you can see Keith in the background we gave him a bucket of water and a little shovel and it entertained him for a long time
getting drenched by Dad
The time was finally taken to air up the little swim pool and fill it with water so that the kids could enjoy playing in the water. I have not had the energy to take the kids much of anywhere by myself so we have not made it to the city pool this year. Also the fact that I really do not want to put on a swimsuit myself has stopped me. But they have loved the little pool. The slide even ended up in it and they had a blast going down it. Even when Bryan started pouring water off the stop and then literally throwing it at them when they went down. We also went over to my Moms one weekend when she had Kaitlyn and Keith and she aired up her pools and some floaties and the kids had a blast.