Monday, July 11, 2011


Hannah has started piano lessons and has been playing for about a month now. She loves it. She often reminds me that she needs to practice and sits down to do it. I am very amazed at her ability. Her teacher has even commented how well she is doing and that she picks up things better than her 7-8 year old students do. We also found out that she will be attending kindergarten at the school she is supposed to!!!

Saturday, July 9, 2011


We have always said since he was born and it is still true: Hayden is all boy. He loves to play with any of Dads tools that are left out and within his reach. I think his favorite is still the tape measure if he finds one he will always ask for me to clip it to his side and I will often find him measuring something. He also has a knack for getting hurt. Just recently he feel off his bike and into the step that left a nasty bruise and the left side of his face a bit scrapped up. And for the best part: he is potty trained. He still sleeps in a pullup at night, but we have been accident free, during the day, for about 2 weeks now!!!

Friday, July 8, 2011


This little Cutie has been keeping us busy. She started crawling about a month ago and hasnt stopped. At first she wouldnt go on the tile she would stop at the edge of the carpet where the tile began and would wait a while and then would cry for you to come get her. She has gotten over her dislike for the tile and now will crawl all over it. She has also started to pull herself up on anything she can find and I will usually find her in her crib in the morning standing up holding onto the edge smiling. And with her being one of our kids she loves her blankets. If she sees it on the floor she will crawl over to it and snuggle up to it for a second and then shes off to find something else to play with.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

4th of July 2011 (long post)

This last weekend the kids and myself went camping with my Mom, Dad, brothers: Jordan and Tyler and their families, and also my sister: Carissa and her family. We left Friday afternoon and made camp at West Ten Sleep on Buffalo side of the mountain. Then Saturday we got up and went over to the Greybull side of the mountain to attend the Merlin Sessions Reunion. Then on Sunday we spent a little time hiking and riding 4-wheelers and then we packed up and went home. We ended up spending more time in the car than actually camping but it was a good time to be able to see family that we dont get to see very often. We didnt do much on Monday. We spent our time around the house being lazy and that night some good friends, Taylor and Cody, came over for dinner and we went out in the middle of the street to watch fireworks through the trees.

Drinking Buddies (Heidi & Parker)
 Heidi and her Great Grandpa Sessions

Tyler and Cami brought up their horses, Pistol and Mellow, and they did a great job giving everyone a ride on them.
 The Fearless Riders & Hayden
 Hannah on Mellow
 Hayden & I on Mellow and Tyler
 Sheena & Keith on Mellow and Tyler

Q came up Saturday night with Dad, and the kids had a great time playing with him and chasing him around threatening to spank his butt. To answer his question of what he did to have the kids all ganging up on him is that they love their Uncle Q.
 Parker & Q
 Keith & Jordan
 Grandma Sessions & I
 Mom & I
 Not sure who this guy is but it actually turned out to make a good picture with him in it.

The Lyle Sessions Family
L-R: Jordan, Mike, Tammy, and Mom (standing)
Hayden, Tyler, Hannah, Cami w/Kaitlyn, Sheena w/Keith, Me w/ Heidi, Carissa w/Parker, Kenton, Matt, Kalton (sitting)
Grandma and Grandpa Sessions (in the front) 

I also learned a few things this weekend:

* camping with a 10 months old is not all that fun
* putting to babies (3 months) apart in the same car for 3 hour drive is not the best idea
* as much as I thought Hannah and Hayden would be afraid of horses they arent, they LOVED 'em
* Heidi snores
* You put myself, my Mom, and Grandma Sessions hiking together we are bound to find the trail that is the longest way back to camp
* And no matter how long it takes to get to the camping spot, or listen to 2 crying babies for 3+ hours in a car, or having to listen to each kid whine at different times in the day over some little thing it is all worth it b/c I love spending time with my family