Friday, December 31, 2010

Single Digit Temperatures

Oh the weather outside is frightful and....
we're the idiots playing in it!

Monday, December 13, 2010


All of the Jackson grandkids...for now!

Last night everyone gathered at our house and enjoyed some navajo tacos and also Sheena had made gingerbread houses for each of the kids to decorate.
More candy ended up in Keith and Haydens mouth then on their house
And for Kaitlyn and Hannah more candy ended up on their houses than in their mouths.
Now who wouldnt want this little present under their tree?

Tuesday, December 7, 2010


You know its bad when your 4 year old daughter asks her Grandma to come and help decorate your house b/c you just never got to it for Thanksgiving. Ever since Halloween Hannah has been bugging me to decorate our house. She would see all the house that were decorated for Halloween or Thanksgiving and would point them out telling me that that persons house was decorated and then she would ask when we were decorating ours. I would usually avoid answering this question by distracting her with goodies to eat, but it only worked until we saw the next house decorated. So when I finally brought home the Christmas decorations one Sunday her eyes got big and was full of energy to decorate.

So once it was all done she asked, "When are we going to decorate some more?"

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Turkey Day, Sledding, Bowling

This Thanksgiving we went over to Lovell. We had great food, great company, and great fun. Hayden had gone over a few days before with his aunt Shawnee and the rest of us went over Tuesday night. The roads were good until we got to Greybull and everything just turned white. So the rest of the way there was snow packed road and blowing snow. It was wonderful, but it would not have been a trip to Lovell in the winter if we didnt encounter terrible words. 
In preschool Hannah made a pilgrim costume and here she is looking very cute and also a little bit Little House on the Prairie.
This is Heidi and her cousin Ethan they are almost exactly 3 months, just off by 1 day.

The kids got to go sledding down 7th street in Lovell and they also got to enjoy a game of bowling. Hayden also got to go to his first movie in a movie theater: Megamind. He did very well sitting in his seat eating popcorn.

I love this picture Hannah is giving a thumbs up.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

A Mixture of Crazyness

At the begining of Novemeber I packed up all the kids and we drove to Lville (laramie) for a quick visit with Carissa and Quintin. I think a lot of people thought of it as pure crazyness, but I needed to get out of the house and go somewhere far from Gtown (gillette) I had not gone anywhere for a good 3 months and was going a little stir crazy. I got the kids and myself all packed up then loaded into the car. Heidi was fed and then strapped into her carseat and then the older two were strapped in. Then as a last minute thought remembered that the portable DVD player was being a little touchy and with my fingers crossed strapped it to the seats and turned it on. After a few minutes of tinkering with it and a few words, said in my head I took it down and placed it nicely under the seats and debated what to do while driving towards Mcdonalds. There was an interesting commentary going on in my head. about what to do. I couldnt decide whether or not to just head out and pray that the kids would be perfect angels without it. I had really painted a pretty picture of Hannah and Hayden falling asleep or sitting in their seats so nicely that I didnt even know they were there or brave taking all three out of the car again and treking into Wal-Mart to see what wonderful options they offered. Then it hit me...Radio Shack was right by Mcdonalds and usually didnt get too busy at one time, just on occasion. So instead of braving Wal-Mart we braved Radio Shack instead and walked out with a new DVD player. Then after spending 45 minutes setting it up and trying to figure out how to turn it on and a few more words said in my head again we were ready to go. Needless to say the ride down was great. I really didnt hear a peep out of the kids except the occasional snore or heavy breathing, since all three of them ended up falling asleep. Needless to say the DVD player worked great.


Even though getting down to Lville took awhile once we got there we had a great time. That Friday it was such a beautiful day that we packed a picnic lunch and went to the park. Hannah and Hayden had a great time playing on all the equipment with Uncle Q. Heidi had a great time sleepig in her carseat. Then on Saturday Carissa and I went to her baby open house while uncle Q watched Hannah and Hayden. Before we came back I had to make sure to bring him a Mtn Dew as a great big thank you. Then that night Carissa made pizza and the kids got to make their own. THANK YOU Carissa and Q for letting us come.