Tuesday, September 28, 2010

We have been adjusting to our family of 5 well. I was expecting it to be a hard transition b/c of all the comments from people, but it has been pretty great. Hannah just adores Heidi and is always wanting to hold her and play with her. Hayden just ignores her. He will give her some attention even though it is only for a moment. He does like to help turn her swing on, give her kisses, and put her binky in her mouth when she is crying. I do have to say I am LOVING not being pregnant, even though the whole 9 months was worth it. I can handle the recovery and the pain that comes with it and could do it over and over again but being sick just kicks my butt. 
Heidi had her 2 week check up yesterday and is doing great. She is 7lbs 10oz and 20 1/2 inches. She has started to stay awake a little more after each feeding and does fairly well sleeping at night.
Hayden has been keeping us busy. A few times I have found him coloring on the wall. Once with a black sharpie and the other time with chalk. I have to say that I am grateful for Citrol. It took the sharpie off the wall very well, probably a little to well b/c it also faded the paint a little and now I have some more to add to my touch up list for painting. He also the other day was not watching where he was going and fell down the stairs hitting his face on the railing first and then tumbling down a few stairs. I wish before he was born I had invested in a bunch of band-aids. It seems like he is always falling down and getting cut up.
Hannah has started preschool for this year and is loving it. She will point out all the letters she knows when she sees them some where and will also tell us how to write them. She is also big on wanting to know when something is going to be. Like for instance she keeps asking how many more days till Halloween. But she doesnt like hearing that it is 33 days away and insists that it is only 5.
Bryan has been keeping his self busy as well. After Heidi was born he built a shed so that we would have more room to store our junk and we have been talking about getting a garage up sometime in the next few months. It amazes me how talented he is with his hands. He has also been spending time in the sky. He has been working toward getting his pilots license and any chance he gets trys to go out and build up his hours.

Monday, September 13, 2010


Heidi Brynn
September 9, 2010
7lbs 6oz
19 in