Thursday, September 18, 2008


Some pictures of bowling:

... And if I push it just right all the pins will fall down

So Cute

I just wake up and theres the camera


Monday, September 15, 2008

Our House

We are finally moved in, now if only we were finally unpacked, but that will come with time. Hopefully sooner than later. Even with the stress of having to move and to pack up everything and all the things that went wrong it was all worth it and I can relish the thought that it is all over again and we won't be doing it for at least another couple of years. Here are a few pictures of the place and of Bryan's hard work that paid off.

Our Bedroom (I love the red wall it is my fav)
Kids Room & Hannah Napping (my other fav)
Tiny Bathroom
Hand Rail


I was looking back through my pictures and I found this one of Hannah and my sister Carissa. This is from when Hannah and I went down to Salt Lake with my parents to see my Great Grandpa Tyler. While there we went to temple square and looked around and one of the places we went into was the visitor center and in there I was able to snap this great picture. I try to think of something more to say about this picture but I can't come up with any words that would describe it perfectly. To me it speaks for itself.