Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Makin' Mud Pies

It has finally become warm enough to let the kids play with the Mud Pie Maker that Hayden got for his birthday. And when I say warm enough I mean it is warm enough that I can strip them down and hose them off with the hose before letting them in the house.   

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Last weekend was Sleepy Hollow's annual summer garage sale event. Sleepy Hollow is the subdivision that I grew up in and my parents still live in, and every year at the begining of June the homeowners that want to participate, hold garage sales at the same time. My mom, Hannah, and my niece Kaitlyn all went this year. I do have to say we did not get any really great finds. I did, however, find a few outfits for baby girl and some overalls for Hannah. Dad was kind enough to watch Hayden and Keith while we went and walked around. When we got back we found Hayden like this:
he is such a boy. It took awhile for us to get him out of it and ended up letting him eat his sandwhich in it. When it comes to any type of tool or machinary Hayden is all about it and probably already knows how to use it better than I do. Then the rest of the day the kids played in Grama and Papa's yard.

I finally finished my first blanket. I made it for baby girl. I picked out the fabric before we knew what we were having. I just couldnt pass up the cute bugs.
Hannah the whole time while I was making it kept asking where hers was. So I went to the store picked out some fabric and have started making hers so that she can get it for her birthday. The tricky part is going to be finishing it when she is either sleeping or gone. I was able to work on it this week. Bryan had classes for work down in Denver for a few days and I went with him. My wonderful sister and her hubby where brave enough to watch the kids for us. THANK YOU CARISSA AND Q!!! It was much appreciated. While in Denver I did a little shopping and spent the rest of the time sewing Hannahs blanket together. Bryan and I also got to go to the temple. While there Bryan commented how the last time we were there the fountain wasnt running and I had to point out that the last time we were there it was blizzarding out and the fountain most likely woudl have froze.
On another note ever since Carissa got married she has talked about her and I being pregnant at the same time and it has finally happened! CONGRATS YOU GUYS!

*I was just going back though posts and looked at the one I posted about the last time we were in Denver and I have to say that the fountain at the temple was going and it didnt freeze so both Bryan and I were wrong.