Monday, July 27, 2009

Vegas Baby!!!

Sometime in June my Mom, myself, and my Sister, Carissa, went to Las Vegas for fun. I LOVED it and cant wait to go back. I know I might be a bit crazy but the Strip was awesome and I cant wait to go back. I think we had a great time, but I know I did. I enjoyed getting to spend time with my Mom and Sister. We were able to go to a few shops on the strips and then we also went to some Premium Outlets just off of the Strip. We went and seen a few shows. The first was Le Reve. It was a water show about a love story and the people did all these jumps and dives. The second was The Phantom of the Opera. It was really neat. We also went and see the Human Body and Titanic Exhibits. I really enjoyed the Human Body Exhibit it just fascinates me. I also did a bit of gambling and of course didnt win, but I couldnt leave Vegas without playing the slots a little. What I loved the most was going into each of the hotels/casinos and seeing all the different themes.
What happens in Vegas...we had to get a picture of the sign
for the ladies in my Dads office.
Beautiful Sister

Speaks for itself

My New Friend


It has been about a month since we became the owners of a dog. We were able to get a 2 year old Great Dane, named Chevelle. I was a little worried b/c of her size but she is a quick learner and listens very well. Hannah and Hayden both just love her. Hannah has to make sure that she says good-bye to her if we leave and also good-night when she goes to bed. And Hayden just gets this big smile on his face and tries to bark.