Wednesday, August 31, 2011


Hannahs First Day of Kindegarten was yesterday. She has been very excited for this day for awhile. Im not so sure that she is as excited anymore. Yesterday she went into her classroom and let me leave without breaking down. Today, however, was a bit more of a challenge she stuck close to my side which was to make sure I didnt leave Im sure of. I am very excited for her b/c I know once we get past this first week and she really starts learning that she is going to have a blast.

5 Years Old

Hannah turned 5 on the 18th.
I am so grateful to have her as a daughter. I love:
* her smile
*her imagination
*how caring she is toward her brother and sister
*how she is continually learning
* that she is my girly girl, but also my tom boy
*that she plays with her barbies but also cars, motorcylces, and trains
* her musical ability
*how much of a smarty pants she is.


In July Bryan and I got some crazy idea to load the kids up in the van and drive 8-9 hours to Utah. It turned out to be not as bad as it could have been. We made our first stop at Independence Rock.

The tiny figure on top is Bryan.

We ended up staying in Rock Springs and letting the kids play in the pool at the hotel. I think that that was their favorite part of the trip :$ The next day we got up and headed to SLC where we met Shawnee and Grama H and they joined in the fun of taking the kids to a discovery museum.

After the museum we went to Logan where we stayed with Shawnee. We visited the Logan temple while there. I think the kids enjoyed seeing the many temples since the closest one to us is 3 1/2 hours away.

We also took a day and visited the Hogle Zoo. I think the best part was the baby elephant. He/She was quite a character.
We of course had to ride the carousel and of course Hayden had to have a fit when we had to get off. Which resulted me having to carry him off and clocking some kid in the head with my camera.

After the Zoo we got a tour of the Conference Center. We walked through the floor of Presidents. It had head statues of all the Prophets and also pictures of all the apostles that the church has ever had. Then we went to the top and got to look around and even got to see a proposal. After the Conference Center we went over by the Reflection pond and just looked at the temple before leaving. Everyone was tired and hungry so we didnt spend a lot of time on Temple Square.

Heidi did so well riding around in her stroller. I was very impressed.
On our way home we decided to have a different change of scenery and went by Bear Lake. Before we left Papa told Hannah that she had to take her "Birthday Suit" and swim in Bear Lake so that was one of the things she wanted to do.

We did not however let her swim in her "Birthday Suit" but let her put her feet in the lake.