Monday, September 26, 2011


I have grown to love our little home and its quirks. When our basement first flooded a year ago and damaged the one room downstairs I had a little pitty party with myself for a few days and then "bucked up" and stopped dwelling on it. So when the basement flooded again this year and damaged all of it. I was able put behind me and instead of thinking about the bad I thought of how eventually we will be able to finish the basement for a second time with some new ideas.
The past few weeks Bryan and my Dad have been working on digging a trench around the house to hopefully (fingers crossed) fix the flooding problem in the basement. Hayden has been in heaven with all the tools and machinery that has been around.

The kids enjoyed playing on the big dirt pile. I caught Hannah a few times dancing, playing air guitar, piano, and drums on it.

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nina said...

That stinks that it has flooded twice! Hopefully this fixes the problem